Terms and Conditions - LETS Go Manor

All Bookings are subject to acceptance of the Terms and Conditions listed below

No persons are permitted onsite without a confirmed booking or appointment.   All persons and animals attending site do so at their own risk.  No responsibility will be taken for accident, injury or damage to person or property.  It is by condition of attendance that all persons agree to LETS Go Manor Terms and Conditions.


The contract is between ‘the Hirer’ and LETS Go Manor.  All persons attending, either actively or spectating, are the responsibility of the ‘Hirer’.  The contract conditions are for the entire venue, to include, but not limited to the Indoor School, Viewing Gallery, Kitchen, Toilets, Car park, Stable Yard, stables, Tack room, Paddocks and Fields.  All areas should be left clean and tidy and any damage must be reported by email.  Gates must be kept closed at all times and noise must be kept to a minimum and appropriate for the exercise being carried out.


Please note – only the Exercise Field may be hired for the purpose of ‘play’. 

All other areas – with or without equipment – are for STRUCTURED TRAINING and should be managed or supervised accordingly.  Dogs/persons are NOT ALLOWED to use or play with any equipment without prior training/knowledge of and the ability to use, the equipment correctly.  They should have a full understanding of safety requirements and consideration for the dogs mental and physical wellbeing.  Particular reference is made to Agility Equipment including (but not limited to) Dog Walk, See Saw, A Frame and Weaves – these are NOT to be used without instruction other than by experienced agility handlers

If you have any queries, please email for clarification prior to making a booking.  Any incorrect booking should be advised by email, with a minimum 48 hours if amendments are requested.  NO refunds can be made if less than 48 hours notice.

We reserve the right to ask anybody to leave the venue at any time should we deem it necessary for any reason.

Exercise Field

For private hire only – not for commercial dog walking.  Dog numbers limited as per the Booking system.  Any equipment/apparatus/balls etc offered in the field are for play and used at your own risk.  No responsibility will be taken for any toys that may have been left by a previous Hirer.  All dogs should be taken to and from the field ON LEAD and all dog waste and rubbish should be taken away – please do not leave anything on site.  Anybody found to continually ignore the rules will be asked to leave and future booking requests will be declined.

Jumping Field, Hoopers Field and Agility Field

These are Training Areas and not available to hire for general play area.  All persons should have a good understanding of the equipment and know how to use it correctly.  Persons should either be suitably experienced or supervised by an Instructor and must be aware of the dogs safety at all times.  No responsibility will be taken for accident or injury and should anybody be found to misuse or abuse the equipment or their dog, they will be asked to leave.  Any damage to the venue or equipment – accidental or otherwise, must be paid for.

Indoor Arena

Strictly for supervised, experienced or structured Training only – strictly NOT a play area.  Dogs should not be allowed to run ‘free’ other than when being worked.  Dogs should not be allowed on the equipment if they are so ‘out of control’ that they risk injury to themselves or others.  Any misuse, abuse or damage to equipment must be paid for. No harsh handling or abuse of dogs will be tolerated and the dogs physical and mental well being must be considered at all times.  Any person found not abiding by these conditions will be asked to leave and future booking requests will be declined.  

All Other Areas

Any other area hired including the Stable Yard and private field hire are subject to the same conditions as above regarding equipment, supervision, adequate experience, safety, dog welfare, cleanliness and good practise. 


Bookings should only be made by persons aged 18 yrs or over.  All bookings should be made online and paid for using the online payment system or BACS.  Any bookings made via Email, Messenger, Text or any other Apps are subject to the same Terms, Conditions and payment terms.  Payment is required in order to secure a booking and no booking will be held without full payment or the agreed deposit as stated or confirmed by email.  If payment is not be received by the due date, the booking will be cancelled and released back onto the system.  Deposits cannot be returned if no notice has been given.

Hourly Bookings

Payments are due in full, at time of Booking, using the online payment system or BACS.  No refunds can be given but subject to availability, it may be possible to move the booking with a minimum 48hrs notice. 

Regular, Short Term & Block Bookings

For regular weekly, monthly or block bookings, payments should be made in advance for the full calendar month or the full block booking – ie a 6 week course should be paid in Full.  For monthly bookings, full payment should be received no later than 7 days before the first date booked for the month.  No booking can be held if payment terms are not met.  14 days notice in writing is required to cancel a booking in order to receive a refund.

Half Day / Full Day Bookings

A deposit payment of £50 is required to reserve the booking.  The remaining balance must be paid 14 days before the booking date otherwise it will be cancelled and the deposit retained.  Bookings are NOT transferable unless agreed and confirmed by LETS Go Manor by email and are subject to the Hirer agreeing to all T’s and C’s and assurance the venue will be used for it’s intended purpose.  28 days notice in writing is required to cancel a booking in order to receive a refund. 


Payment is required in order to make a booking.  No booking will be held without full payment or the agreed deposit amount.  Payments should be made by the online booking payment system or BACS.  When paying by BACS, please confirm by email when payment has been made: letsgomanor@gmail.com

Account details are: Account Name: L Evans,  Sort Code: 77 49 26,  Account No: 515 93 963


All cancellations are subject to the notice period detailed in the respective notes above.  If cancellations are not made within the stated period, refunds cannot be made.  If it is possible to transfer the booking to another time/date or to ‘sell’ the allocation to somebody else, we will give a refund providing the all T’s & C’s are met by all parties.  Refunds can only be made into an account once account details have been provided.


Arena lighting is NOT included – this is paid for by the Hirer via  the coin operated payment meter which is located on the wall inside the main school entrance.  The meter only accepts £1 coins so please ensure you have enough with you.  The cost of the arena lighting is £1 for 20 minutes.  The lighting to the kitchen and toilets is included in the venue hire charge.


All persons entering site undertake to abide by the Regulations and not bring to the site, or have within their group, any dog which has contracted or been knowingly exposed to any infectious or contagious disease during the past 21 days, or which is suffering from a visible condition which adversely affects its health or welfare.

All dogs must be under control and not be permitted to approach or interact with any other without the consent and in the presence of all handlers.  Dogs must be kept on leads at all times when not in a designated training or exercise area and ALWAYS when in the car park

Dogs must not be left unsecured and unattended and whilst in vehicles, all dogs must be provided with adequate ventilation, shade, shelter & water.  It is not acceptable to leave dogs barking in vehicles for any period of time.  All dog waste MUST be taken off site with you.


Dogs must NOT be allowed to toilet on any equipment.  In the event that this does happen, please pick up and/or wash down thoroughly with water or disinfectant as available.

A speed limit of 5mph applies at all times on site for the safety of all.  CCTV cameras are in place all around the site and failure to comply will result in being asked to leave.

Please note the site owner and his staff may be onsite and they should be allowed to carry out their business without interruption.

The venue has a NO SMOKING policy please do not smoke on site.  All rubbish, waste, dog poo and any items brought onto site must be taken away with you. 

Please be aware of other users and do not crowd any area or gateway. 

Veterinary Practices  –  In case of emergency, there are vet practices within 5 miles – in Romsey and in Totton.

LETS Go Manor reserve the right to update Terms and Conditions at any time and it is the responsibility of the individual to ensure they have read and accept the terms prior to booking.

It is by condition of Booking and attendance that all persons on site accept and agree to the following Terms & Conditions:

  • No responsibility will be taken by the Lessee for damage or injury sustained to person, property or animal whilst on site at LETS Go Manor.
  • The venue is restricted to a 5-mph site speed limit which is clearly marked by numerous signs displayed along the drive, at the entrance and within the yard. This is for safety reasons – Please do not exceed this limit.
  • Parking should be in the designated parking areas.
  • All vehicles are left at the owners’ risk and no responsibility will be taken for any loss or damage.

Venue and Equipment

  • LETS Go Manor is a No Smoking site – this is a condition of our Insurance Policy – please do not smoke.
  • Any damage caused to LETS Go Manor site, it’s property or it’s equipment – whether accidental or otherwise, must be paid for. Full repair or replacement will be required.


  • All dog poo must be picked up and taken away with you.  There is no waste collection from site so please do not leave anything on site.
  • All dogs should be on lead and under control when moving around site. Dogs should only be allowed off lead when within their designated secure area.
  • We recommend all dog(s) are fully up to date with their inoculations, immunisations, and worming.
  • Please do not bring your dog(s) if they show signs of illness or coughing.
  • If any dog(s) that you are responsible for are not insured for 3rd party liability, please be aware that you will be liable should the dog cause accident or injury.
  • Noise consideration should be given to residents nearby.
  • It is not acceptable to leave dogs barking in vehicles.


Our opening hours are 9am to 9pm

  • It is the responsibility of those using LETS Go Manor to allow enough time to unload their dogs, use the facilities and return them to their vehicles within their allocated time. If you arrive early, please allow others plenty of space to exit and leave.
  • If you arrive before the venue is open, please wait offsite and do not queue on the lane. The Vine Inn, the Service station and McDonalds are all within 1/2 mile and serve breakfasts and refreshments.

Strictly NO WALKING beyond the yard gate, around the lake or down the lane.

The Fishing Lake is Private Property and monitored by security cameras. The parking for the lake is Private Property and No Parking or Waiting is permitted

Code of Practice

  • Choke chains, prong collars and electronic devices are not allowed.
  • Harsh handling of dogs, either verbal or physical will not be tolerated.
  • Professional Trainers working with their clients are strictly by prior arrangement in writing.
  • The hirer must bring their own poo bags and remove ALL dog waste.
  • No litter is to be left on site as this presents a risk to users and their dogs. Please take everything home with you.
  • Children are welcome but must be supervised by and have an adult in attendance at all times.
  • All equipment is designed to be used by dogs only. Please do not allow children or adults to climb on or abuse the equipment.
  • Agility equipment is only to be used by persons/dogs experienced in the correct and safe use of it.
  • We do not allow the Indoor School or it’s equipment to be used as a play zone.
  • Please toilet your dog/s before entering the Indoor School.
  • Any issues or complaints should be made in writing and emailed to letsgomanor@gmail.com. We take pride in our venue and want all our clients to enjoy their time with us.  If any issues arise that cause concern, we request you let us know asap in order that we can address or act if necessary.